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This product is for cosmetic use only. The nature of this product is to improve external appearance. It is NOT intended to substitute for structural or other necessary repairs. If you use or install this product on a vehicle, you must inform the owner or authorized driver that installation of this product must be disclosed to the next buyer or owner. Original Appearance Manufacturing, LLC is not responsible for any use of this product for any purpose other than for improving the external appearance of a vehicle.

Here’s the honest truth: we wanted to find a cheaper, more affordable way of looking after our trucks. Fixing any part of your truck before OAM would cost you thousands of dollars, and you would have to leave your car behind for days straight. We knew there had to be a better way.

We set out to develop rocker panels that were affordable, effective (our marketing team hates us for this), and made your truck look as good as new.

We use ABS plastic for its structural strength and impact resistance. With this, we can provide all car owners with this easy to install and customizable advancement.

We own the entire process of designing, manufacturing, and selling this incredible unbelievable product. This way we can cut out the middleman and pass on the $$$ savings to you.